First Night Out

Breathe. I don’t think I’ve done that for three weeks. Between packing up the house, organizing a moving sale, caring for two babies and preparing for our journey, breadth was an unaffordable luxury. But we have finally pulled away from the house, put our last box in storage and begun our simpler, transient lifestyle. Three weeks of chaos needs only one hour of quiet to melt away.

I’m sitting in our nook of a bed with a baby sleeping soundly by my side and am so grateful for this peaceful time with the thought of what to pack next far behind me.

I have wanted to share so much over the last few days as time in our home came closer and closer to an end. But life has been utterly chaotic. If breath was a luxury, writing was an anomaly. In an attempt to catch up, here are some events from those three weeks.

Anyone who has purged massive amounts of stuff would appreciate my saying how much I enjoyed adding items to our ‘Moving Sale’ pile. I cleaned out things that I’ve held on to for years for no particular reason and kept only those pieces I truly love. This giant cleanse was so incredibly invigorating. I’d say that our home is probably 75% lighter of possessions and it feels amazing.

That being said, I had to say good bye to my plants, many of which I’ve nurtured from small sprouts. This was sad… very sad.

We held a moving sale last weekend and as if Colorado wanted to give us one more joyous memory, she brought a cold and windy snowstorm both days of the sale. Bless you Colorado, we shall miss you terribly.

Lastly, my fear that putting Elias to bed in the camper would be a long struggle was never realized. Although he cried for a short time, Elias stayed behind the curtain and in his room. It is his first night in a real bed without being confined and he miraculously handled it wonderfully. Yes, someone is definitely looking out for us tonight.

PS – Just checked on Eli. He was asleep, standing over the edge of the bed. Needless to say, we moved him into a cozier spot.

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