Where’s Ganesh When You Need Him?

Before you step out you know a test is waiting for you. You just hope it never finds you.

We weren’t so lucky. However, hard tests prove that you are stronger than you think.

Here’s what we are dealing with now…

We left Buena Vista yesterday morning to officially start our trip. Two hours of smooth driving and sleeping children left us relieved and excited to reach our destination Ojo Caliente. We stopped at a town park in Alamosa, CO to have a picnic when we noticed that the bearings had burst on our trailer. While repairable, this was Saturday at noon and the repair shop does not open until Monday.

So here we are, unable to move the camper from a town park and stuck in a snowstorm with very little to do in a town where most amenities are closed on Sundays. Again, not a big deal for adults who can occupy their time with books, computers, etc. But a rambunctious child is another story.

That being said, Elias had a lot of fun running around the laundry mat, nearly got booted out of the library for banging too loudly on the keyboard and chased Meta through snowy fields before passing out promptly at 7:30.

Now Alex and I did not plan on dry camping (no hookups) until we had gotten a handle on this camper and how best to manage a family of four in it. But fate had other plans and we were tossed into the fray a lot sooner than expected. We are making it work and feeling optimistic that the road ahead will now seem a whole lot easier.

Cross your fingers that we can get this repaired tomorrow and head down to Santa Fe!

Elias at Cole Park, Alamosa... before the snow.
Xavier staying warm in his bear suit

3 thoughts on “Where’s Ganesh When You Need Him?

Add yours

  1. I just lit a candle by Ganesh. He said he’s looking out for you! Gosh it’s weird driving by your empty cabin. We miss you so!
    Happy Trails and enjoy this journey!

  2. I hope things get better! Glad Eli took to his new sleeping quarters. enjoyed my coffee in my new baby mug. thanks for the M-day gift. Love, Mom
    PS As usual your writing is beautiful. So proud of you.

  3. great blogging Linds! did you put Ganesh on the truck yet? I will ask Ganesh here in my kitchen to help you guys out… i am lighting some sandlewood…

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