Van’s Machine Shop

Could the power of Ganesh be real? I may have doubted the spirituality of India’s many gods, but perhaps its most famous has some worth to him after all. The God of safe travels was not with us Saturday, but he now seems to have made his presence known.

Prior to our trip my sister gave us a sticker of Ganesh to put on our car. Having driven off without yet applying it, our trailer broke down and the engine to our Chevy Tahoe began to make a terrifying noise.

“It’s Ganesh, we need to put him on our car,” Alex declared yesterday as blowing snow raged through our over exposed, makeshift campsite in Cole Park.

After promptly displaying him in our window our luck began to change. This morning we woke to sunshine and melting snow and were soon met by the first of many strangers, whose fairy-like kindness made us feel as if we had moved into another world.

Although we had to tow our trailer to a machine shop, which currently serves as our campground, we thank Ganesh for the following good fortune:

1.    We broke down in a big park, only blocks from the repair shop.
2.    The damage was only 20% of what we expected it to be.
3.    The owner of the machine shop servicing our trailer is so incredibly kind that he put all other tasks aside to help us.
4.    We are waiting for only one part, which is due to arrive tomorrow morning.
5.    Tonight we have access to power and the most incredible machine shop I’ve ever seen.
6.    There is nothing wrong with our Tahoe. It was our nerves getting the best of us.

So, thank you Ganesh for we now know you are sitting comfortably on our shoulder.

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise” – Oscar Wilde

Business as usual. Alex working from Van's Machine Shop.
Our fearless watchdog

3 thoughts on “Van’s Machine Shop

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  1. Yep. Ganesha is a powerful little dude. But, I think it’s your possitive attitude that’s the REAL medicine. Keep on keeping on Linds.

  2. we love hearing about others adventures when we are hanging at home….. roll on …roll on

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