Lucky Me. A Sweet Little Monkey

After arriving in Santa Fe like four little tornados destroying the peace and stillness of our campground, I had a revelation this morning that made me realize that this is absolutely possible and I can certainly keep a handle on my two little children.

It is called Monkey and I think that it might go on the list of the best items ever purchased. I should better describe this and say that Monkey goes on Elias’s back just like a backpack and the its four-foot tail acts as a leash with which to corral speedy children.

Prior to being a parent I thought the idea of a child on a leash barbaric and humiliating. But now that I am a mother to a fast runner, determined to go his own way, I appreciate the value in keeping my child safe while also renewing my sanity.  If people scoff at me, who cares.

Here’s the wonderful thing that happened this morning. I put Monkey on Elias for the first time, and like a puppy working for a treat, Eli walked calmly by my side. Here is a little boy who always runs as fast as he can into the most dangerous direction, strolling alongside me as if he were an old friend. Oh what joy!

With monkey proving an immediate success, we took a little hike and along the way passed a man with two small dogs on a leash. The comparison was pretty hilarious.

I lay awake many nights prior to this trip, worrying about keeping Elias safe. I feel like this is going to help. And whether it is faulty parenting, I’m not sure. But it works for us and that’s all that matters.

Elias and Monkey

2 thoughts on “Lucky Me. A Sweet Little Monkey

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    The leash has a hereditary precedent. When my sister and I (twins) were two, our mother used red leashes. There is even a picture somewhere. I remember them fondly as they meant we were going somewhere. It didn’t last long but I think it preserved her sanity and kept us from running off to join other families!

  2. Yea! I’m so glad Monkey is at least working now – having seen him resist it when it arrived in BV. Please remember to place those tel # tags on him.
    You know at one point he will stray.

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