One Hundred and Eighty Degrees

There is a contradictory element to this lifestyle. While we are on vacation, visiting new places and enjoying new experiences, we are like a turtle with its shell – always home. Our last two days in Santa Fe can better illustrate this.

Yesterday we spent the day in Santa Fe’s historic plaza. Dotted with churches, museums, galleries and shops this is a mecca for tourists, a role we happily played. We strolled through art markets, taking in the colors of the American Southwest and marveled at the connection this city has to Mexico.

In contrast, we spent today at home. After a leisurely morning, that included coffee and hot oats with apples and almonds, I cleaned while Alex worked and Elias watched Sesame Street. I took Meta and Eli for a walk and then took a bike ride during nap time. It was a day that mimicked any I might have had in our previous home. It’s made me realize that while I am completely at home in our travel trailer, I can become a tourist in a matter of minutes. It’s a contradiction that bewilders me but will no doubt become second nature.

Loretto Chapel
St. Francis Cathedral
Watching Sesame Street
Doing dishes
Xavey's new seat

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  1. I was glad to see you at Loretto Chapel. Dad and I bought a print from a local artist at a vendors market in the yard there last August. It brought back memories.

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