Shanti on my Shoulders

Peace is not necessarily quiet. Today peace was four people moving in synch without a hiccup.

Today being Saturday, Alex was free to spend the whole day with us. We took advantage and packed a whole lot in. Moving all of us between destinations could have been hectic but there was serenity to today’s agenda that made the Diamond family look as if it had invented clockwork.

We started the morning by checking out the Santa Fe Farmers Market. I am a fresh food fanatic and was in heaven for this was a pretty incredible market. While the meats, herbs and vegetables were vibrant, I could have spent the morning tasting the dozen varieties of hot and spicy goat cheese.

Onto Canyon Road where a quiet stroll passes dozens of gorgeous galleries, each with its own garden, blooming trees or epic sculptures out front. The sun shone on us, the wind blew softly and better yet, both children fell asleep as we perused canvas after canvas. With this peace I found a little of the old me and savored every moment.

Back home for a couple of hours of quiet rest and then on to the Genoveva Chavez Community Center, where Alex played basketball with Elias and we all went swimming. The pool in this facility was pretty incredible. One edge slowly sunk like a beach so Elias could wade about 15 feet in before his head was underwater. He loved the freedom of running around in the water. He even ventured down his first water slide which was in the shape of a giant frog. I swear he is fearless. While Alex swam with Elias, I dangled my feet over the edge with Xavier on my lap. He cooed and laughed until it was time to go.

Rarely do we move in such rhythm. It enabled us to do a lot. So much so that both children were asleep by 5:45 and even now, Alex is sleeping soundly beside them. This is a peace I have so sorely missed. Now if I could only figure out how to bottle it.

Fun Specialties from Santa Fe
Farmers Market at the Railyard
Enjoying free samples
Gallery on Canyon Road
Beautiful collection here
Biting back
Alex and a giant horse head??

3 thoughts on “Shanti on my Shoulders

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  1. Hi Diamonds,

    It certainly seems like a good life! I’m sad that I won’t be able to share it, at least for the present. It has occurred to me that all this wouldn’t be possible without Lindsay the ORGANIZER! (Not to underplay Alex’s contribution of always being ready to share in the many obligations and….money). But with someone else who hadn’t planned and packed so carefully, this might have been chaos. Congrats Lindsay and congrats Alex for choosing so well.

  2. i also choose you as one of the 2 best sisters i could have! that’s pretty high on the list! keep having fun…. sounds great and looks nice and warm 🙂 you made it!

  3. Wishing you a happy mothers day! I enjoy reading about your travels. Thanks for all the pictures too. Love, Aunt Sue

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