Mama’s Day

As a treat this Mother’s Day, Alex took the kids to the park and gave me free time to take a bike ride. Being on a bike in new town is like being an explorer. I have the freedom to go where I want without the restrictions of the road. I can move fast and feel the surrounding environment on my skin. I soak the town in and then sweat it out.

I climbed Hyde Park Road, 8 miles out of town to Hyde State Park. The view from this road is spectacular. It overlooks the city and large adobe homes that melt into the landscape. Camouflaged with Santa Fe’s red earth, these homes appear discreet despite their size. Terraced roofs mimic the slope of the hill and one after the next work harmoniously together like matching puzzle pieces.

After my ride we went to the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. A single open space with lots of hands-on play, Elias spent most of his time at the stove making chicken lettuce wraps for Daddy. Because the museum just reopened after renovation, it had a special bug exhibit which was absolutely fascinating. There were extinct beetles, spiders with deathly poison, a two-foot long spider and a tarantula hawk. I kept thinking what it would be like to meet some of these creatures in the wild. They were so frighteningly prehistoric they gave me the chills. While playtime here was a fun treat for Elias, this exhibit provided wonderful entertainment for me and Alex.

Making chicken lettuce wraps
Holy bugs!
The top beetle is extinct

4 thoughts on “Mama’s Day

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  1. I bet Elias misses his kitchen. Glad to see you letting him help with the dish pans – a favorite with kids.

  2. I am so envious of your new freedom. I am glad to hear you are finding a flow. Love the pictures! Miss you guys. xo

  3. I love reading your blog or several reasons, but mainly because you are all doing so well and your such an amazing writer!! Really, I think that is one of your callings. Glad your lovin Sante Fe. Will try to call you again

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I love bugs too. I used to dissect them as a pre-teen. Now I just like to draw them. They are so varied. I sometimes think of that when people want to clump dinosaurs into one stereotype.

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