Back to Bed

It’s much easier to write about wonderful occurrences. It’s more difficult to discuss challenges. I’d love to say that every day since leaving Alamosa has been smooth sailing, but in truth, we have had some struggles that we are working to overcome.

For me, the most stressful part of living in our travel trailer is sleep. I’m not talking about my sleep; I’m talking about my kids.

When we moved out of our home in Buena Vista Elias was sleeping in a crib in his own room. He now sleeps in a ‘big boy’ bed behind a curtain. While he knows he must remain behind the curtain, he will stay awake an hour or two, peeping his head out from the side or reaching his hands out below. I think Alex and I say “back to bed” two dozen times every night and each time we mutter those words, our little toddler quickly turns and runs to his bed. I am thankful he knows what this means, I only wish he would obey us. I’m sure this is not the last time I have this sentiment.

Keeping to a schedule has made Elias a great sleeper. This trip has made staying on schedule more difficult. It’s necessary, for all of our sanity, to take days off and focus on eating, playing and napping at the proper times. Too much running around exhausts little children and children that are too tired won’t sleep. How counter intuitive!

Xavier fresh out of a bath

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  1. This morning I woke to falling snow, then falling frozen rain and more snow. This after a very full weekend in Boulder where it was 85 degrees. Instead of watching the news, the peace and quiet of the day seemed too inviting. I remebered your blog and have been having a delicious cup of BV Roastery coffee while catching up on your travel adventures. Thank you for sharing your trip this way. It’s so delicious, like my morning latte.

  2. balance balance~ we all are looking for that balance of wild fun spontaneity and the security of routine. my advice- check in with the kiddos and observe what they are craving that day. they will teach you. i am so proud of you four for taking on this journey. life changing…
    it’s snowing here for chris kringle sake. we miss you here. i’m so happy to have this connection through your ***AWESOME*** site. this will be so precious for the boys to read years from now.

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