Desert Oasis

It’s a stretch to say that grasses grow along US 40 from New Mexico to Arizona.  Sand and dust contrast industry as the Santa Fe Railroad moves hundreds of containers along old highway 66.  Excitement surrounds a travel center, an oasis of economy. We move like this for 380-miles until the peak of Mt. Humphrey rises in the horizon.

The mountain stands alone in the desert, marking the prosperous university town. It is overcast as we draw near and between bursts of spring rain we see a long formation of clouds moving magnetically toward the peak. This geographic layout helps heighten our excitement as we drive closer and the mountain grows larger.

Small ponderosa trees appear and as we climb in altitude they get taller and more frequent. It reminds me of Flagstaff Road in Boulder, dry ground with flourishing pine. The highway gets busier and street lamps begin.

We turn off our exit and arrive at J & H, a clean, senior-focused RV park. We are in wonderful spirits, ready to start our week-long adventure in Flagstaff.

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