After yesterday’s misfortune, I chose to start today on the right foot with Pancake Friday. While pregnant with Xavier I had an overwhelming craving for pancakes. To keep this yearning under control I vowed to only make them on Fridays, hence the start of Pancake Fridays. I know we are running smooth now that I can add this tradition to my new morning routine.

Pancakes eaten and kitchen cleaned, the boys and I went to Thorpe Park, which sits on the western edge of town, where the wooded hills start to rise. While Elias climbed about he was either completely enamored of the older children or prepared to push away any younger child that wanted to play. Oh, what to do about this?!

I watched a mommy-pow wow grow larger as more little ones ran about. While parental struggles were describe and advice given, I realized that on the road I won’t have precious feedback, comforting shoulders, or the parenting wisdom that is absorbed when moms get together. What a blessing a parenting circle is and how sorely ours will be missed.

Thorpe Park, Flagstaff

This afternoon Alex gave me a treat and sent me on my first mountain bike ride since leaving Colorado. Flagstaff’s vibrancy is fueled by bike trails. Veins of dirt and sand, these trails connect the whole city to the mountains above. I only rode 100 feet from our campground before turning onto a trail to start a ride that made me feel strong and confident. How I wished I could have stayed out longer, but babies call and I turned back home much too early.

I’d love to note that while J & H RV Park in Flagstaff is clean and wonderfully managed, it is crawling with cheesy sayings, or rather polite reminders. Here are some examples…

(On the dumpster) “Satisfaction guaranteed or double your garbage back.”

“If God had intended for people to speed through RV parks, he wouldn’t have made older folks who can’t get out of the way fast enough.”

“All children (and some childish adults) must be accompanied by a parent.”

The best sign at J & H RV Park

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  1. Hi, I thought awhile about Eli’s reaction to the kids on the playgrould. He has really only played with kids his own age. He’s smart enough to see the older kids can do alot more and thus are more fun! Hope you get another camera soon. Love the pics. Maybe we can Skype so I can see them LIVE.

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Two year old’s have no filter. What you see is what you get. That’s why they push or throw rocks or lay on the floor and scream or hug their little brothers too hard. I think we still have a little bit of that within us even as we get older! We just learn to hide it better. Right now, your mom’s right, Elias thinks that older kids are more fun so, as far as he is concerned, those younger ones better get out of the way!! I guess gentle reminders of “being nice” and removal from the scene work as well, at least, as growing older will.

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