David and Goliath

The RV lifestyle has surprised me. While I imagined an older population I did not expect such luxury and permanence.

Our 26-foot travel trailer is a little child compared to the colossal RVs we call neighbors. These giant vehicles have side mirrors that intimidate and several slideouts that make the vehicle appear to be of the transformer race. With full size living rooms complete with la-z-boy recliners these vehicles take living on the road to a whole new level.

You can tell those that prefer the nomadic lifestyle. They’re the ones with lawn art and large rugs outside their RV and little dogs perched in the windshield. Sometimes a portable fence surrounds the outside of the RV and a small grill sits next to a makeshift outdoor kitchen.

Our neighbor in Flagstaff lives in her 5th wheel trailer half the year when her home in Phoenix gets too hot. She has gone so far as to take the wheels off her trailer.

“Oh, it doesn’t move anywhere,” she says. “I barely drive my car on the road.”

It’s really an amusing sight to see RV after RV lining this park and then our little trailer squeezed in between like a tiny mouse.
Someone asked me yesterday, “How are you all holding up in that little trailer of yours?”

“It’s a little tight,” I replied. “But it’s working just fine for us.”

2 thoughts on “David and Goliath

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  1. Just wanted to say hi Lindsay & Alex! John and I have both been loyal followers of the blog so far, and we have really enjoyed getting a taste of your adventures. Lindsay, I think you are a great writer. That is terrible about your camera – I felt so bad when I read that!

  2. we camped at the balloon festival in New Mexico two years ago…. our little casita was smushed between some roadwarriors in big Provosts with the punch outs everywhere….. its wild what some folks can cruise around in …
    We are breaking into a slow coming spring as buds on the trees are out and the birds are happy.
    ok gang on the road…. have fun, enjoy the life
    love ruben and sue

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