Balmy Palmy Springs

No doubt about it, Palm Springs is hot. The good news is that we’ve discovered how fabulously well our air-conditioning works in the camper. Inside we’re cooler than at our Colorado mountain home in the summer.

Yesterday evening I took my first run at low altitude and I felt like Super Woman! It was dusk, the heat had begun to wane and dozens of bats swooped above. While I explored a superbly manicured golf course community I kept thinking, “Wow, I’m just not tired”.  Whereas a short run up CR 306 in Buena Vista has me panting, my legs moved effortlessly here.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a neighborhood where homes were such absolute replicas of each other. It was a strange combination of apartment living and detached housing. The perfection of it all from shrubs to lighting was eerie.

A quick visit to downtown Palm Springs this morning made me yearn for an opportunity to relax at an outside bar with Alex and have a beer. Oh how different life is. Instead we visited a local toy shop where Elias played with a train set for nearly 45 minutes and left with a mini VW bus, complete with surfboard on top. We felt it was appropriate.

Right now Xavier is lying next to me on a cushioned bench. I swear he is going to roll over any second. He is trying so hard that I might have to catch him before he goes over the edge. These little guys grow way too fast.

Alex's Palm Springs office
Hanging out downtown
Downtown Palm Springs

One thought on “Balmy Palmy Springs

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  1. Love Alex’s office. I’d like one.

    Don’t worry too much about the beer…you’ll have all too much time to have one in a few years!

    I really don’t like these retirement communities where everything is planned to the last degree and perfect since no one steps out of their air conditioning. That’s what Alex’s Grampa’s home was like in Florida. It has an eerie, almost chemical feel.

    Hope you go to Sedona. I’ve heard so much about it…and there is a nice country song… I’ll send it to you.

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