The March of the Painted Ladies

Time clashes when you least expect it.

Along US 10 West out of Palm Springs there exists the largest wind farm I have ever seen. Miles and miles of simple white windmills spin hypnotically in the desert. Each turn of these energy giants brings power. They make the harvest seem so simple. Could this be a pocket of the future? It amazes me that the desert can be so fruitful.

60 miles away in the city of Redlands, ornate Victorian homes of bold colors stand one after the other. It is time standing still. Why here? After a prosperous turn of the century, a hard freeze in 1913 stopped the economic boom in Redlands. People stopped building, or rather, stopped tearing down older homes to make way for new ones. The result is miles of high Victorian, California Craftsman, Classic Revival, and Mission Revival homes.

After some play at a local park, the boys and I spent this morning exploring the streets of Redlands and admiring these historic homes. Gardens flourished with rose bushes and citrus trees, windows had lashes of decorative wood trim, and steeples and wrap around porches were commonplace.  The buzz of hedge trimmers could not ruin my delight. I was in heaven.

We finished up our day with a hike up Scott Canyon in Loma Linda. Elias chased Meta through the bushes and dug holes in the dirt. If a dirty child is a happy child, we’ve got one of the happiest ones out there.

3 thoughts on “The March of the Painted Ladies

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  1. How do you feel now about alex’s propective job in redlands. Is it too isolated or is it really a paradise? I know you love those houses.

  2. So the house with the red steps looks just perfect for you.
    Love the pictures. And loved little Elias looking for another spot to poke.


  3. My favorite house was the yellow one. When Tom graduated from high school we took a trip out west and stayed in Indio for a few days. It was so hot. The dates farms offered all kinds of moist delicious dates. I haven’t had a good date since. Tonight we’re going to see Rebecca’s art at the high school. (Rebecca is Tom’s 7 year old.) Tom and Karen just got a puppy. Three busy children weren’t enough?

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