A small pocket of gorgeous in a busy city is mystifying.

The Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco transport you across the Pacific. Walking onto a back patio in one of New York City’s restaurants is like opening a treasure chest.  Santa Fe’s Canyon Blvd is a movie set where flowers rain on historic Mexico.

I have had the good fortune to happen across such beauty during our stay here in Redlands. Yesterday I explored Caroline Park, 17 acres of nature trails hidden amongst high bushes and green grass. A tumbling meadow sits in the center where dozens of native California plants and birds find their home. I loved how tall and green the bushes grew and that the grasses covered Eli’s legs.

Today it was Prospect Park behind the historic Kimberly Crest House. Paths climb up and down a small hill of manicured lawns, creeping vines and eucalyptus trees. A red carriage house sets the backdrop for a garden of another time. Blending in with the trees is a wood amphitheater painted green and built in the style of California Craftsman. Roses flourished next to plump oranges.

When traveling with two small children you don’t need much. The open space, these pockets of gorgeous that dot Redlands have become a gentle reminder of what it is that I love as well as sanctuaries of play for my little one.

Caroline Park
What kind of flower is this?!
Prospect Park

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