Oceanside Harbor

The boys gave me a wonderful gift by falling into deep sleep while we walked Oceanside Harbor. Eli did not budge in the stroller and Xavier stayed tightly tucked against my chest. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of quiet kayaks and waves breaking along the shoreline.

Contrary to the hectic scene of Oceanside’s Pier, the harbor was a calm respite no more than half a mile north. A handful of casual restaurants with outdoor patios lined the harbor’s edge and its parking lot was dotted with aged Winnebagos housing surfing gypsies. The gentle hum of their generators could not disturb my peace.

Dozens of fishing boats with names like Wind Dancer and Carpe Diem remain docked in the dark water. I wondered why we can’t just name our boats something like Bob or Earl and I decided that if I ever own a boat, that’s what I would do.

While taking pictures of a flock of pelicans sleeping on the rocks with beaks held close I heard the bark of a sea lion. What a surprise to see this smooth swimming mammal of the sea glide past me. I am always amazed and humbled by their size.

Elias woke just as I was passing the restaurants again, 100 feet from the car. Too bad I told him. You missed the pelicans, the sea lion and the boats. But thank you nonetheless for your sleep. What a sweet present it was!

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