Back in the Saddle

A hiatus from living in the camper and a hiatus from writing has made me appreciate them even more.

We just finished a three night stay in Huntington Beach with friends DJ and Stephanie. We really could not ask for better hosts and a more comfortable home to stay. The two happily welcomed our chaos with open arms. With plentiful food and drink in hand they gave us a floor of their house to call home, a large kitchen in which to cook, a giant sofa for all of us to lay on and a huge TV for Elias to catch up with Sesame Street and Go Diego Go.

As we pulled up to meet our hosts on Sunday it occurred to me and Alex that we had not had a face to face conversation with anyone other than ourselves in 5 weeks. We did not realize how hungry we were for the company of friends until it was at our doorstep. I purposefully left my computer behind so that I could fully dive into the joy of company. Glasses of beer and wine, decadent dinners and fun conversation made our time in Huntington Beach a delight.

It was wonderful to have a sweet taste of the comforts we’ve given up. However, even better is leaving them behind to hit the road again. This morning as we were packing, we became excited once again for driving into the unknown. Towing our little camper we headed north through LA and into Santa Barbara where we are now camped at Cachuma Lake Recreation Area.

The hills here are low, green and lush. In the center of a valley sits the large and still Cachuma Lake. We were not happy to find our drive growing longer and longer as we climbed the 18 miles out of downtown Santa Barbara. But the beauty of the lake and the shores surrounding it made up for any distance we were forced to cover.

Setting up was effortless. As if our bodies had been yearning to be back in the camper they worked in unison to create a home once again. Our campsite is ideal. Set under a large oak and pine tree, we are  on a field of open grass that leads to the lake’s edge. It is safe here and Elias is free to run where he pleases.

We are giddy to be back outside and have decided that we far prefer to stay in quite parks that are farther from town. We left Colorado thinking that we would be spending more time exploring the urban world and have again found our preference to be with the peace and stillness of nature.

Cachuma Lake, Santa Barbara

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