What if we could act like we’re two?

We could just take something because we wanted it, even if someone else was playing with it. We could push people away because we didn’t want them near us.

If we were two, we could scream as loud as we wanted just because it made us feel good. And if we got scared we could run into the arms of someone who would pick us up, cuddle us and tell us everything was alright.

Making friends would be easy. We’d hand them a cup and pour invisible tea from a plastic kettle. We’d clap our hands when we were happy and then run really fast to no place in particular.

Nearly everything would be new if we were two, except for the important things in life like, milk, blanket, Elmo and such. And when we find new things we could grab it, eat it or push it off the table.

If we were two, our choices would be simple, yet so difficult.

Walk with mommy or get carried?

Wear your green pajamas or your red ones?

Brush your teeth now or in five minutes?

So simple to us, but I have to remind myself that if I were two these might not be so easy to answer.

Here is what I am hoping for tonight. The patience to understand that being two means having no filter, the ability to wholly understand, and the need to think twice about the red or green pajamas.

Elias the conductor, San Luis Obispo Childrens Museum

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