Have We Met?

While on a hike with Elias, Xavier and Meta this morning I kept thinking why Alex and I both have such a strong attraction to San Luis Obispo. We love the sense of community, the quaint downtown, the rolling green hills, the proximity to the ocean, the kindness of the people, need I go on?

As we climbed toward the top of a ridge I turned around and felt an amazing sense of familiarity.

From the foothills in Boulder, a view overlooking the city resembles a bouquet of green trees surrounded by red rocks on the west and open plains to the east. The city’s vibrant center is rich with action. But from your view, 1,000 feet up, you see the tops of those trees with red roofs peeping through. The action is quiet, hidden beneath branches, pine and oak leaves.

Today, as I looked down from the ridge, I saw a small city in a valley surrounded by rolling emerald hills. In the center were flourishing trees, homes and businesses. I thought instantly of Boulder, a town I hold very close to my heart.

How sweet to feel so at home in a brand new place. It helps to make our stay effortless.

What else makes it easy? Two very entertaining farmers markets in a row. Last night we explored the San Luis Obispo farmers market downtown. With the main street shut down for food vendors and a handful of barbeque smokers, this town comes alive after 6pm. Music at each intersection and fresh California produce made it fun for all.

Tonight we visited the Avila Beach farmers market. While it was smaller than the previous market, its location on the beach made it perfect. After a picnic and dancing to the live music we took a stroll down the pier where we watched seagulls dive for fish and seals peek up their heads.

San Luis Obispo
Where's Waldo?
Watching a plane
Blowing in the wind
So happy with daddy
A walk down the pier
Avila Beach
Blue eyes

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  1. What a lovely blog you write! Give Elias lots of kisses for turning two. I like the picture of you both walking, feet perfectly in sync. Xav’s eyes look like crystal, blue marbles. In his “blowing” picture, I saw a lot of Diamond (a rarity with the grandchildren!).


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