Happy Two

Elias turned two today and amidst the calls of “happy two” and “cupcake” from the energetic toddler I marveled at how much you can really love someone. A hug from Elias is more precious than anything monetary and when he sleeps I watch his chest rise and fall because it is magic to me. Yes, you often hear about a mother’s love, but in reality there are no words to explain it.

I’d say that these two years have gone by fast, but I actually feel that Elias has always been a part of my life, making those two years stretch out much longer. As we might feel that our spouse was waiting to be found, my little boys were meant to be a part of my life.

Today, on the way to Monterey, we drove through California’s central valley, the Golden State’s agricultural hub. Miles and miles of furrowed fields lined highway 101. From green lettuce to grape vines and everything in between, we found ourselves traveling through America’s garden. Life grew on all sides and it appeared to go on limitlessly into the horizon.

Elias, I thought, is so much like these fields. He is exploding with life and growing infinitely every day. His potential stretches for miles and his life will be full of ceaseless variety. And while he has become my sunshine, the center of my world, I will one day be just one part of his ever expanding universe.

Until then I am going to savor my two year old and his desire to have mommy nearby. What amazing moments they are. So “happy two” my sweet little monkey. I love you unconditionally and adore watching you grow.

Don't you touch my cupcake!
I'm growing fast too!

2 thoughts on “Happy Two

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  1. That love only grows along with anger, frustration, panic, etc. and overwhelming pride!
    That little guy in his Bumbo is getting cuter by the day! Big tow year brother already reached that look a long time ago.

  2. And it never stops. No matter how old you guys get, you always seem just like the kids I remember and too….I always feel the same too.

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