Ahhh… Mountains

Today we left the shores of Monterey to head into the mountains of Santa Cruz. Pulling up into the forested hills felt like home for the first time on this journey. From the desert, to sandy beaches, to marinas, the landscapes on our trip have been nothing like the pine forests of Colorado. Today we had our first taste of mountain living since leaving Buena Vista and I loved it!

Despite being thrilled by entering the forests, I have to say that we had a really wonderful week in Monterey. We finished up the week by spending the day in Carmel. I had no idea what to expect but was speechless at the town’s beauty. I laughed because Meta was the only mutt on a beach swarming with pedigrees and I had to call my dad to tell him that I had an incredible view of Pebble Beach Golf Course.

After playing on the beach we walked through the neighborhoods admiring the multi-million dollar homes that Alex claimed tried to look too much like Smurf castles. Now, these houses were not big by any means, but rather small,  European-like villas worth about $600 a square foot with occupants who sport Chanel and smoke cigars while strolling through town (yes we saw this). Needless to say, they were breathtaking. All were tucked into narrow, windy roads with trees that formed dark canopies. It reminded me of all that I miss about living in the East. Though it’s been years since I’ve called New York my home, I dream of forested streets that shower you with green.

This afternoon we arrived in Felton, a mountain town ten minutes from downtown Santa Cruz. It’s incredible how you can surf here and then drive ten minutes to bike in the mountains. Sounds pretty incredible right? We are at an RV park for the first time since Palm Springs and it’s nice to have the few additional amenities as well as the security. We are camped in a grove of redwoods which tower over us at unfathomable heights. There are lots of children here riding their bikes and campfires and a calming river that runs about twenty feet below.

I had the luxury of a quiet walk with Meta this evening after both kids had gone to bed. My head was lost above me in trees that reached the clouds like the fabled beanstalk Jack climbed. Perhaps these trees were the inspiration for the story? Who knows? I do know that I am thrilled to finally be in the forested mountains. It’s amazing that it took us nearly two months to get here.

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  1. It will be interesting where you two finally choose to live. Maybe you are forest dwellers, like deer and bobcats, after all.

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