Catch-Up II

The drive up to Tahoe was a bit slow because of several construction delays, but we didn’t seem to care because our surroundings seemed to give us new breath and we sat in traffic inhaling deeply. Unlike a drive up my beloved Rockies, the Sierras are covered with dense green forests. It is not until you pull into Tahoe that the peaks become bare.

Our dear friends were waiting for us as we pulled into the driveway and while Elias was at first shy with his besties, ten minutes was all it took for Elias, Kai and Marley to be chasing after each other with glowing grins and infectious giggling.

We were quickly whisked off to the beach where I quickly and whole-heartedly fell in love with Lake Tahoe. My prior drive-through gave the lake zero justice. It was not until I was sitting in the soft sand on the edge of the crystal clear water with mountain tops surrounding me that I began to appreciate the hype. Lake Tahoe is truly a magical place and I can’t wait to go back.

How sweetly our children played in the sand while we caught up with good friends. A few excursions in the kayak and some play on the paddle board completed our first afternoon in Lake Tahoe.

I’d recap the next day but it was much of the same thing plus an extra beer or two.

Thank you Krasnows for your loving hospitality. We had such a wonderful visit and will miss you dearly!

With the camper in storage and a few weeks to spare before we fly to Chicago, Alex found us a small apartment to sublet in Davis. Why Davis? For one, it’s very close to the camper should we need to access it. Second, Davis is a small college town with the reputation as being one of the most bike friendly cities in the world. We had to check it out.

Here’s the hilarity of the situation. The apartment comes with a catch. We are actually sharing a two bedroom apartment with a college senior. That’s right. The four of us are sleeping in one bedroom of an apartment decorated with beer posters and grandma’s old needlepoint. Lucky for us, the roommate has opted to stay out much of the time, and the college-like condition of the place is highly conducive to split-up, spilled milk and dirty diapers. I’m happy to report that I am totally relaxed here. My kids can’t really mess it up. Needless to say the first thing I did was clean the kitchen and bathroom before any member of my family could use it. The second night here Alex walked into the living room and said, “For the first time, I really feel like we’re starting over.” I couldn’t agree more.

So here we are, enjoying the adorable little town of Davis. Exploring its many parks and taking downtown walks in the morning. When the afternoon heat sets in we head to the pool to cool off. It’s not very exciting, but certainly simple and relaxing. We are enjoying the calm right now as we gear up for our trip east.

Paddling Lake Tahoe
Eli and Kai running along the beach
Eli and Kai

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  1. I loved hearing about your apartment, I laughed out loud. You’re making wonderful memories and kept writing. Lot’s of love. Aunt Sue

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