Pulling Out My Hair Over Rough Drafts

I find the first draft of any piece of fiction to be the hardest part of the writing process. Revising, fine-tuning, workshopping… those are the fun parts.

But that rough draft, where I’m creating my characters for the first time, discovering their arcs, quirks, and struggles, well… that gets me pulling my hair out.

With that being said, today is a great day because I finished the rough draft of a YA illustrated novella. Even better, I love my main character and the way her life changes from start to finish. Whew!! Now on to the fun stuff!


Madness with which I’ve flirted now flirts back with fierce intensity, frightening me and releasing a slew of butterflies in my stomach. This is too much, beyond dreams and drugs and death. I simply can’t make sense of it all.

When was the moment that started it all? When the boy emerged from the tarp? When I entered the water and the waves carried me out to sea? Or, had it been on the boardwalk, a single plank acting as a button and turning on the crazy?

Standing in the middle of this island among the memories of a boy intimidated by a forthcoming destiny, I’m isolated and desperate for something I know I can’t have—a sane solution to my absurd predicament.



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