Rock & Ice, Baby!

As part of my PR efforts for Lake City, Colorado, I latched onto their ice wall, a spectacular winter experience for anyone brave enough to don crampons and carry an ice axe.

I knew when I saw the wall it would be my ticket into some big outdoor publications. Luckily for me, Rock & Ice answered my call, inviting me to write an article about the Lake City Ice Park for its online publication.

It is now a month since publication, and the traffic this article has brought to has been stellar.

It’s been pretty incredible to see the response other Colorado publications and the Colorado Tourism Office have had toward Lake City, Colorado’s newest winter sensation. Rightly so. This little town packs in a TON of winter recreational opportunities and is a treasure for anyone who loves to play in the snow.

Lake City: Colorado’s Newest Ice Sensation

By Lindsay Diamond | January 21st, 2019

Lake City’s first brush with fame came in 1875 when expedition guide Alferd Packer notoriously returned to town after surviving in the snowy backcountry by eating the rest of his prospecting party.

Today, Lake City’s fame is again on the rise thanks to its outstanding winter recreational opportunities. Considered the most remote place in the lower 48, Lake City in the San Juan mountains offers access to endless miles of trails, 21 public campgrounds, five fourteeners, three National Forests, one BLM district, four wilderness areas, and two wilderness study areas. Most notable, however, is the town’s ice park, which draws climbers from all over Colorado and beyond.

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