For over 20 years, I've traveled all over Colorado--at least I thought I had. Then, I was invited to Spanish Peaks Country in Southern Colorado. "Where?" I asked. "Walsenburg, La Veta, and Cuchara," I was told. "Where?" I asked again. Thank goodness for this new client, who wanted me and the rest of my VistaWorks... Continue Reading →

Rock & Ice, Baby!

As part of my PR efforts for Lake City, Colorado, I latched onto their ice wall, a spectacular winter experience for anyone brave enough to don crampons and carry an ice axe. I knew when I saw the wall it would be my ticket into some big outdoor publications. Luckily for me, Rock & Ice... Continue Reading →

I live on the Arkansas River, one of the country's most popular whitewater destinations. My town comes alive in the summer, when boaters the world over come to surf the Ark's raging rapids. Dozens of outfitters dot the river from Buena Vista into Canon City. Essentially, if you want a stellar rafting experience, this is... Continue Reading →

Gifts Given by the Creator

My graduate work at the University of Colorado at Boulder focused on the contemporary art of the Native community. I was fascinated by the way Native Americans used artwork to express identity, religious beliefs, and their conflict with modern America and its political landscape. For my master's project, I curated the California Academy of Science's... Continue Reading →

Hung Liu, The Bride

Hung Liu is one of my favorite artists. Given the current political climate, I thought I'd post something I wrote about her a few years ago. Hung Liu (b. 1948) The Bride, 2001 From the series “Unofficial Portraits” Lithograph with collage 30” x 30” Gift of funds from Polly and Mark Addison CU Art Museum, University... Continue Reading →

The Moon as Muse

Here’s why I love second drafts… When you revisit your characters after writing their finale, you have a better grasp on who or what they’re fighting, what their motivations are, and how they might achieve their victories. At times, when these characteristics and motivations are falling into place, you, as the writer, have an intense... Continue Reading →

Pulling Out My Hair Over Rough Drafts

I find the first draft of any piece of fiction to be the hardest part of the writing process. Revising, fine-tuning, workshopping... those are the fun parts. But that rough draft, where I'm creating my characters for the first time, discovering their arcs, quirks, and struggles, well... that gets me pulling my hair out. With... Continue Reading →

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