Hot Child in the Desert

After leaving Flagstaff two days ago we are now in Indio, just outside Palm Springs. I’m happy to report that the drive into Phoenix restored my faith in Arizona’s reported beauty. While the drive into Flagstaff underwhelmed, the drive out was majestic. Red rocks combined with pine then rich desert with fiery hues escorted us... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Sponge

Before leaving Buena Vista I believed that a child under two would be content visiting one of just a few places each day. Being too young for most programs, we had limited places to play. Days were a bit redundant for me, but I never imagined that my little one would feel the same way.... Continue Reading →

David and Goliath

The RV lifestyle has surprised me. While I imagined an older population I did not expect such luxury and permanence. Our 26-foot travel trailer is a little child compared to the colossal RVs we call neighbors. These giant vehicles have side mirrors that intimidate and several slideouts that make the vehicle appear to be of... Continue Reading →


After yesterday’s misfortune, I chose to start today on the right foot with Pancake Friday. While pregnant with Xavier I had an overwhelming craving for pancakes. To keep this yearning under control I vowed to only make them on Fridays, hence the start of Pancake Fridays. I know we are running smooth now that I... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Nikon

The Arboretum at Flagstaff ate my camera. I took Elias and Xavier to the arboretum this morning. The day was like a 1960s Disney film with blue skies and singing birds. Elias was ready to explore the wooded paths and Xavier was asleep on my chest. As Elias threw stones into a small brook my... Continue Reading →

Desert Oasis

It’s a stretch to say that grasses grow along US 40 from New Mexico to Arizona.  Sand and dust contrast industry as the Santa Fe Railroad moves hundreds of containers along old highway 66.  Excitement surrounds a travel center, an oasis of economy. We move like this for 380-miles until the peak of Mt. Humphrey... Continue Reading →

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