Catch-Up II

The drive up to Tahoe was a bit slow because of several construction delays, but we didn’t seem to care because our surroundings seemed to give us new breath and we sat in traffic inhaling deeply. Unlike a drive up my beloved Rockies, the Sierras are covered with dense green forests. It is not until... Continue Reading →

Catch-Up I

It’s interesting how a shift in environment or routine can alter habits. For the first two months of this trip I was diligent about writing. We were on what I now call the “vacation portion of our travels”, when our week was filled with exploration in towns that were there to entertain us. We finished... Continue Reading →


It’s been some time since my last post and I must apologize to those of you who grew concerned about my “absence”. Thank you for checking in, but all is well. I’ve stepped away from the blog for no better reason than I’ve been very, very busy. Taking care of two little ones on the... Continue Reading →

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