The Genius and the Tree

You’d think that the most amazing thing I saw today was the “Father of the Forest” at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. With a circumference of 66 feet, its base was an optical illusion. Real? Not real? It’s hard to imagine that this Herculean tree beast has been around for thousands of years, existing in... Continue Reading →


On this trip I’ve learned to fully appreciate the idea that brilliant surprises can be found in even the most mundane locations. This morning, while Elias climbed the stairs of a play structure in a small Felton, California park, I heard what I believed was a banjo being played. I could not see where it... Continue Reading →


Tucked warmly in our little home, the soft pitter pat of rain has lulled both of my babies to sleep. Outside we see the base of redwoods and thick clouds of green leaves. It is impossible not to feel Northern California encroaching on us. Today’s wet sky reminds us how close we are to meeting... Continue Reading →

Ahhh… Mountains

Today we left the shores of Monterey to head into the mountains of Santa Cruz. Pulling up into the forested hills felt like home for the first time on this journey. From the desert, to sandy beaches, to marinas, the landscapes on our trip have been nothing like the pine forests of Colorado. Today we... Continue Reading →

A Sea Portal

On rare occasions you are lucky enough to visit an institution that has the power to seamlessly transport you into another world. It is as if a portal opens and you fall unknowingly into a foreign space that wraps itself around you and takes you away. For me, that place has always been the American... Continue Reading →

A Monterey Rundown

When Alex told me he had booked a site at a racetrack I had visions of Ricky Bobby and spectators sitting in lawn chairs on top of dilapidated RVs. “This is going to be interesting,” I thought. But now that we are on our third day at Laguna Seca in Monterey, I am again reminded... Continue Reading →

Happy Two

Elias turned two today and amidst the calls of “happy two” and “cupcake” from the energetic toddler I marveled at how much you can really love someone. A hug from Elias is more precious than anything monetary and when he sleeps I watch his chest rise and fall because it is magic to me. Yes,... Continue Reading →

Have We Met?

While on a hike with Elias, Xavier and Meta this morning I kept thinking why Alex and I both have such a strong attraction to San Luis Obispo. We love the sense of community, the quaint downtown, the rolling green hills, the proximity to the ocean, the kindness of the people, need I go on?... Continue Reading →


What if we could act like we’re two? We could just take something because we wanted it, even if someone else was playing with it. We could push people away because we didn’t want them near us. If we were two, we could scream as loud as we wanted just because it made us feel... Continue Reading →

San Luis Obispo

Last night it happened. For the first time this trip Alex and I talked about throwing in the towel. Off of a tough week of work, where long hours were made to feel even more extensive by the presence of two crying babies, the two of us hit a wall. The tension had been building... Continue Reading →

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