Zoo Dreams

Growing up in New York, I was a frequent visitor to the Bronx Zoo. I thought all zoos had to be the size of a small town and that a visit would not be complete without a safari, a camel ride, and a human-sized spider web. Today, I was proven wrong when we visited the... Continue Reading →

The Succulent Path

It’s fascinating to watch your friends navigate their way down life’s path. We have friends who travel the world, become doctors, or stay in their hometown and have families. Others defy convention and make an alternative lifestyle seem like the right thing to do. Today, I was fortunate to visit a friend whose off-the-beaten-path way of... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle

A hiatus from living in the camper and a hiatus from writing has made me appreciate them even more. We just finished a three night stay in Huntington Beach with friends DJ and Stephanie. We really could not ask for better hosts and a more comfortable home to stay. The two happily welcomed our chaos... Continue Reading →

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