I live on the Arkansas River, one of the country's most popular whitewater destinations. My town comes alive in the summer, when boaters the world over come to surf the Ark's raging rapids. Dozens of outfitters dot the river from Buena Vista into Canon City. Essentially, if you want a stellar rafting experience, this is... Continue Reading →

Get Higher on www.Leadville.com

Another travel website launched. Another Colorado city for which I've become an expert. Seriously, ask me anything about Leadville--where to bike with kids, why the Ice Palace was built, what to do when it's too cold to play outside--and I'll have the answer. Still, I'm as grateful as ever to have had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Think Colorado’s Local Secrets

Those that know me, know my love of all things Colorado—even these crazy late April snowstorms, or what I like to call, second winter. I’ve spent years traveling the state, exploring hard to reach wilderness areas, playing on snow, in water, and among towering mountain ranges, and more recently, learning about the multitude of kid-friendly... Continue Reading →

Van’s Machine Shop

Could the power of Ganesh be real? I may have doubted the spirituality of India’s many gods, but perhaps its most famous has some worth to him after all. The God of safe travels was not with us Saturday, but he now seems to have made his presence known. Prior to our trip my sister... Continue Reading →

Where’s Ganesh When You Need Him?

Before you step out you know a test is waiting for you. You just hope it never finds you. We weren’t so lucky. However, hard tests prove that you are stronger than you think. Here’s what we are dealing with now… We left Buena Vista yesterday morning to officially start our trip. Two hours of... Continue Reading →

Leaving BV

Tonight is our last night in Buena Vista. Thanks Jess for hosting such a sweet gathering and thank you to all who came to say good bye and wish us luck. We are so blessed to be so loved. We shall miss each and every one of you dearly. XOXOXO - The Diamonds.

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