Back to Bed

It’s much easier to write about wonderful occurrences. It’s more difficult to discuss challenges. I’d love to say that every day since leaving Alamosa has been smooth sailing, but in truth, we have had some struggles that we are working to overcome. For me, the most stressful part of living in our travel trailer is... Continue Reading →

Mama’s Day

As a treat this Mother’s Day, Alex took the kids to the park and gave me free time to take a bike ride. Being on a bike in new town is like being an explorer. I have the freedom to go where I want without the restrictions of the road. I can move fast and... Continue Reading →

Shanti on my Shoulders

Peace is not necessarily quiet. Today peace was four people moving in synch without a hiccup. Today being Saturday, Alex was free to spend the whole day with us. We took advantage and packed a whole lot in. Moving all of us between destinations could have been hectic but there was serenity to today’s agenda... Continue Reading →

One Hundred and Eighty Degrees

There is a contradictory element to this lifestyle. While we are on vacation, visiting new places and enjoying new experiences, we are like a turtle with its shell - always home. Our last two days in Santa Fe can better illustrate this. Yesterday we spent the day in Santa Fe’s historic plaza. Dotted with churches,... Continue Reading →

Lucky Me. A Sweet Little Monkey

After arriving in Santa Fe like four little tornados destroying the peace and stillness of our campground, I had a revelation this morning that made me realize that this is absolutely possible and I can certainly keep a handle on my two little children. It is called Monkey and I think that it might go... Continue Reading →

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