Rock & Ice, Baby!

As part of my PR efforts for Lake City, Colorado, I latched onto their ice wall, a spectacular winter experience for anyone brave enough to don crampons and carry an ice axe. I knew when I saw the wall it would be my ticket into some big outdoor publications. Luckily for me, Rock & Ice... Continue Reading →

The Field

Thank you Twister Sister Literary Magazine for publishing The Field. This is my first attempt at Science Fiction and was inspired by Henri Rousseau's The Football Players, now part of the Guggenheim's permanent collection. This piece is dark, but for those who've read Wrapped in Color and Light, you already know I like to lean... Continue Reading →

The Healer is Published!

Thank you, Scarlet Leaf Review for publishing my short story, The Healer. I am so grateful! The Healer The wash room is covered in tile. The complete whiteness makes me dizzy, and I can’t tell where the ceiling meets the wall or the wall meets the floor. I wish there was some differentiation in color,... Continue Reading →

Think Colorado’s Local Secrets

Those that know me, know my love of all things Colorado—even these crazy late April snowstorms, or what I like to call, second winter. I’ve spent years traveling the state, exploring hard to reach wilderness areas, playing on snow, in water, and among towering mountain ranges, and more recently, learning about the multitude of kid-friendly... Continue Reading →

Wrapped in Color and Light on Wattpad

If you want to read Wrapped in Color and Light for FREE, check it out on Wattpad. Here, you can read chapter by chapter anywhere! I add a couple of chapters each week, so you'll always have something new to read. Check it out!

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