“Music Therapy Can Create Amazing Results for People with Autism” is Published!

My son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (commonly known as Asperger’s) in September 2014. While I suspected something was different about him for some time, an official diagnosis sent me into a tailspin. As his mother, I wanted to be proactive and give him as much support as possible. But, with that drive came immense feelings of isolation, fear, and of being overwhelmed.

After three years of navigating therapies, healthcare costs, and local resources, my son is now on a great and successful path. He’s thriving, happy, stealing hearts, and taking names. As he’s grown, I’ve discovered incredible and unique gifts that make him an amazing, loving, and very bright little kid.

A significant characteristic in my son is his love of music. So, when a new music therapist, Kristen Arbogast of Altitude Music Therapy Services, came to town and hosted a seminar on music therapy and autism, I was there in the front row, notebook in hand. What I learned from Ms. Arbogast was how music can connect with children and adults with a host of learning differences, creating positive effects like improved social behaviors, increased focus and attention, and improved body awareness and coordination.

Ms. Arbogast runs Altitude Music Therapy Services out of Salida, CO. Please check it out!

I was so inspired by Ms. Arbogast’s lesson that I immediately dove deeper into researching the topic. The result was an article titled, “Music Therapy Can Create Amazing Results for People with Autism,” recently published in Autism Parenting Magazine.

A live link will be available in the future, but for now, I just wanted to share this little bit of success. Autism Parenting Magazine covers a subject near and dear to me, one that’s filled my life since my eight-year-old son was a toddler. Thank you for supporting me and all other parents raising unique and incredible children, Autism Parenting Magazine!

The Field

Thank you Twister Sister Literary Magazine for publishing The Field. This is my first attempt at Science Fiction and was inspired by Henri Rousseau’s The Football Players, now part of the Guggenheim’s permanent collection. This piece is dark, but for those who’ve read Wrapped in Color and Light, you already know I like to lean in that direction.


The Field

I was pulled outta my cell this morning and thrown into a shitty, white coaster. You know, those hover pods they stopped making, like, twenty years ago. Next thing I know, I’m dumped in this field covered in plastic, green shit that crunches under my feet. I think it’s supposed to be grass, though I doubt anyone’s felt that stuff in decades or what I’m standing on is anything close to the real thing.

The field is bordered by trees with long roots that crawl upon the ground and tiger-orange leaves that glow from the lights inside them. The stripes, however, are saved for me. Black on yellow like a god-damn bee, or whatever those fuckers were called.

I feel like I’m standing in an ancient football field, which I’ve seen somewhere before, though I can’t remember where. Fucking memory. Can barely remember shit anymore, which makes me bat-shit-crazy. When I can’t recall a face, a fact, or something that’s happened, I bang my head with my hand until it comes to me. These days, I can bang so much I black out and wake on the floor as confused as ever. The officers on the other side of the bars laugh because they still have their banks—a small chip that enhances our memories — but I don’t.

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Check out this awesome new website about the Royal Gorge Region. I wrote a large amount of the copy, which details the region’s history and recreational, cultural, and paleontological opportunities. There’s so much to do in Fremont County, and now there’s a resource that helps navigate it all.


I’m blessed to have opportunities to write about Colorado. It takes my appreciation of home to the next level!

PS – The girl sitting above the canyon in the home page is not me. Though, she looks an awful lot like me. It gives me the chills every time I look at it!


The Healer is Published!

Thank you, Scarlet Leaf Review for publishing my short story, The Healer. I am so grateful!

The Healer

The wash room is covered in tile. The complete whiteness makes me dizzy, and I can’t tell where the ceiling meets the wall or the wall meets the floor. I wish there was some differentiation in color, but in this hospital, where the most desperate cases are sent, total disinfection is a must. White is not affected by bleach, but I am. My eyes water and my nose stings.

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Think Colorado’s Local Secrets

coloradoThose that know me, know my love of all things Colorado—even these crazy late April snowstorms, or what I like to call, second winter. I’ve spent years traveling the state, exploring hard to reach wilderness areas, playing on snow, in water, and among towering mountain ranges, and more recently, learning about the multitude of kid-friendly attractions that blanket Colorado like seed. Recently, I’ve started writing blogs for Think Colorado, revealing all sorts of Colorado secrets to my readers, which has been such incredible fun, like taking some my trips all over again. The downside, or course, is that in writing about some of my favorite Colorado locations, I long to hit the road for days on end, to enjoy these awesome secrets alongside my readers.

Come learn about some of my favorite sites, events, and recreation areas with Think Colorado’s Local Secrets.