Next Stop… Woodstock

We had a very pleasant morning at the Escondido Children's Museum today. By no means is it close to the size of the Denver Children's Museum, but this little one room museum was a delight. A few simple displays such as a water table, bubble bins and child-sized kitchen kept Elias happily busy for over... Continue Reading →


When we are children we live in a world of play and make believe naively unaware of the responsibilities and pressures that come with adulthood. As teens we are so eager to become adults that we practice, often poorly, the roles we hope to assume. Then as young adults, as responsibilities mount, we begin to... Continue Reading →

Oceanside Harbor

The boys gave me a wonderful gift by falling into deep sleep while we walked Oceanside Harbor. Eli did not budge in the stroller and Xavier stayed tightly tucked against my chest. It gave me the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of quiet kayaks and waves breaking along the shoreline. Contrary to the hectic scene... Continue Reading →

Mellow Memorial Day

Guajome Regional Park in Oceanside is the closet we’ve come to camping. The katydids and chirping crickets are a welcomed change from the compartmentalized RV parks we’ve been restricted to thus far. It is peaceful here and we’ve easily fallen under the spell. Rather than racing to the beach this Memorial Day we hung around... Continue Reading →

Bring on the Dancing Horses

A month long journey to reach the ocean makes the waves a lot more satisfying. A month long journey through the desert makes the activity of a bustling beach town overwhelmingly surreal. Although our mountain-locked selves are always excited to see the ocean, today we were more absorbed by the ridiculous host of characters and... Continue Reading →

Kimberly Crest

The Kimberly Crest house is reminiscent of Cinderella’s castle and its Italian style gardens contain flourishing magnolia trees that are more than 100 years old. With Xavier strapped to my chest I took a tour of this turn of the century French chateau this afternoon. In such homes, where furnishings are left unchanged from the... Continue Reading →


A small pocket of gorgeous in a busy city is mystifying. The Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco transport you across the Pacific. Walking onto a back patio in one of New York City’s restaurants is like opening a treasure chest.  Santa Fe’s Canyon Blvd is a movie set where flowers rain on historic Mexico.... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Guilt

There was great potential for a really wonderful morning, but guilty parental moments spoiled it. I think all parents have these. They are the decisions that backfire and cause your little one to become upset or even hurt. With such a big change in lifestyle Alex and I wrestle with this a lot. We have... Continue Reading →

The March of the Painted Ladies

Time clashes when you least expect it. Along US 10 West out of Palm Springs there exists the largest wind farm I have ever seen. Miles and miles of simple white windmills spin hypnotically in the desert. Each turn of these energy giants brings power. They make the harvest seem so simple. Could this be... Continue Reading →

Balmy Palmy Springs

No doubt about it, Palm Springs is hot. The good news is that we’ve discovered how fabulously well our air-conditioning works in the camper. Inside we’re cooler than at our Colorado mountain home in the summer. Yesterday evening I took my first run at low altitude and I felt like Super Woman! It was dusk,... Continue Reading →

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