Two Hundred and Sixty Feet of Character

Crazy? Maybe. If it were just me trailer touring in approximately 260 square feet it wouldn’t be a big deal, but we total five (dog included). For those of you who don’t know the entire circus coming along, here are the performers.

My adoring and handsome husband Alex who I believe would rather be on his bike than most anywhere else. Alex has recently started his own business, which gives him the freedom to work from anywhere. The challenge is that owning a business requires one to work many, many hours. He will perhaps get to know the travel trailer most intimately as 10 feet of it will be his office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, he has mastered the art of squeezing in daily bike rides and will undoubtedly explore miles and miles of new landscapes.

Here is my 22-month old son Elias. Elias loves running fast, throwing rocks in rivers and snacking on raisins. Unlike most toddlers, this little guy can walk forever and I look forward to taking him to new trails as we move from town to town. While hiking with him is pure joy it’s also a wonderful way to wear the stinker out!

The newest addition to our group is 3-month old Xavier. I could not have asked for a more perfect baby. He sleeps through the night, eats peacefully, smiles when you talk to him and giggles when you tickle his tummy. This little man will spend a lot of time strapped to my chest. For both of us, there could be no better place.

Meta, my old hound dog, will also be along for the ride. Sixty plus pounds of basset, she has traveled from coast to coast, hit the northern and southern border, and has been my constant companion for many years. Perhaps she is not the spry pup of her youth, but her loyalty cannot be matched.

Here I am seeking simplicity. Two hundred and sixty feet of reading, writing, cooking, hikes with my kids and bike rides in joyous solitude.  Let me leave the house to clean, the congestion of stuff and the appointments behind. This is time for us. This is time for me.

The Perfect Storm

I am one part of a family of four. Wife and mother in only a few years, I sometimes wonder where the old me went, if she ever really existed, or if she is just hibernating, waiting for a time to wake from deep slumber.

My family is beautiful, and I am thankful everyday for my blessings, but there are moments when I yearn for the freedom to throw a bag in my car, have my dog ride co-pilot, and explore and play in this beautiful country of ours.

So here is what I am thankful of for now….

We have found ourselves at a crossroads with nothing but freedom at our fingertips.

Here is how it unfolded… My husband now works completely for himself and can work from anywhere.  I am now devoting 100% of my time to raising our two children who are too young to be in school and other activities.

Several months ago, my husband and I commented on how we were free to go anywhere we wanted. Spurred by this sense of freedom, we decided to stop talking about being free and actually live free. Hence the addition of our newest and biggest toy, the Cirrus 26 foot travel trailer… our new home on wheels.

Two adults traveling the country in this vehicle is not considered a big deal. Two adults, two babies and one old basset hound and you might be called crazy – I know I was. Starting April 30th, 2011 we will be giving up the comfort of our home and community, most of our material possessions, and our Colorado address to explore our country indefinitely. While I look forward to creating memories with my husband and children, I am most excited about reclaiming the woman I was and combining her with the woman I am now.

“We are torn between nostalgia for the familiar and an urge for the foreign and strange. As often as not, we are homesick most for the places we have never known.” -Carson McCullers