“Lindsay has been an excellent addition to our team. She has brought structure, creativity, and attention to detail to our Google marketing campaigns. Lindsay communicates very well with clients, they all love her, and she is a phenomenal writer (always original, creative, able to write in the client’s “voice”, and quick).”

“Lindsay is a talented writer who never misses a deadline and takes direction and feedback with grace. Anyone lucky enough to have Lindsay on their team will surely have great success.”

“In today’s business world, it’s hard to keep our customers engaged. Every since Lindsay has taken over our writing department, our audience and subscriptions have grown tremendously. I do not hesitate to highly recommend her. My only problem with writing this reference is that Lindsay might get too busy to work for us!”

“Wow, I LOVE the whole Think Colorado idea and product–it’s one of the e-mails I don’t EVER delete without first reading and I usually end up doing something suggested or forwarding it on to someone who might.  I’ve already dreamed about a listing with you all.”

Wrapped in Color and Light Reviews

“Normally I read only non-fiction, especially nature writing and stories of true adventures, so I was surprised when I got about half way through Wrapped in Color and Light and couldn’t put it down. The fairy-tale stories and characters had me so transfixed that I read the second half of the entertaining book in one sitting, which is also rare for me! Wonderful first novel by Lindsay Diamond.”

“Have you ever looked at a painting and wondered what it would be like to be in that world? That’s exactly what Wrapped in Color and Light explores. A rich and compelling story, this book keeps the reader in engaged in a wonderful fantasy tale of love, power and greed and keeps the reader guessing as to what is coming next. A great read!”

“I have read a LOT of fantasy. I enjoy many authors, but often the stories are along the same vein, with new names and places, but the same basic idea. Wrapped in Color and Light tells a truly unique tale. If you enjoy fantasy, art, fairy tales, or really original works, this novel is for you! The story is believable and enthralling, with complex characters you really become invested in. Ms. Diamond, please tell us more!”

“From the very first sentence, you’re drawn into the world of Craig Wolff. You actually feel like you’re standing in his basement. You can smell it, see it, and sense the torment of the character. The book is so descriptive you begin to lose yourself in the pages, much like the characters lose themselves to the paintings.”

“The possibility of fairy tales being real and the characters they invoke made reading this book a fascinating journey. From the NY art world, you get swept thru paintings to a place you think you know from your childhood. But, things are not as you thought. The characters, both good and bad are well developed and you become invested in how they manage this journey. A good read!”

“This story creatively intertwines not only the lives of four contemporary characters but also the lives of the fairytale characters we were raised on. The ending is surprising and provocative and while it closes the story, also leaves room for Book 2. Let’s hope Ms. Diamond is busy working on it. She is the real deal – an outstanding writer with an incredible imagination!”

“The not-so-typical lives of artists, museum curators, interns, and associated players of the art world intertwine with altered versions of classic fairy tales in this imaginative character arc of a book. Readers are treated to a behind the scenes view of what it takes to bring art exhibits to life and what happens when life itself becomes consumed by art. Curiosity, desire, nostalgia, loves lost, and greed overtake the characters in this book one-by-one as each becomes forced to tell their own story and return life back to normal – for the better or worse. Wrapped in Color and Light is an ambitious and exciting book. I look forward to more from the author.”

“An original idea & plot. Having thoroughly enjoyed this book; I hope Lindsay Diamond continues to write many more. Bravo!”

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